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Staple market: viscose staple fiber market active polyester fiber short strong trend

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The viscose market is heating up and it is expected that the good situation will continue. The viscose market has been very active recently. However, as the number of downstream stocking users continues to increase, and the manufacturers' early-stage low-cost orders are oversubscribed, although the prices are still rising, the user's mentality is flat, and the demand for terminals remains calm. Market participants are sticking to the short-term forward market. Concern. At present, the mainstream trade of midrange viscose staple fiber is at 14300-14500 yuan/ton, and the high-end viscose mainstream transaction is at 14600-14800 yuan/ton. Xiao Shaoren's cotton yarns were adjusted and traded sporadically. The preferential rate of some low-cost enterprises was slightly reduced. The 32S price of a company's ring spinning was at 18,600 yuan/ton, which was slightly higher than yesterday. Before the Spring Festival, it is expected that the sticky short market will maintain its good momentum.

The trend of raw materials is strong, and the short-term market of polyester and polyester rises. Overnight oil prices soared, morning TA futures tend to be strong, polyester market rose partially, polyester short-term market center of gravity rose, Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4D direct spinning polyester short main report 8900-9200 yuan / ton factory, relative to the mainstream negotiations or in 8850-9050 Yuan / ton factory near, some slightly higher in the 9100-9150 yuan / ton factory still exists. The intraday PTA futures saw a substantial increase in Masukura's position, and Polyester's short-term focus followed the rise. The factory's production and sales were smooth, and most of them exceeded 100, and there were as many as two times as many individual factories. Shandong, Hebei, polyester short-range strong finishing, 1.4D direct spinning polyester and short manufacturers reported to the 9000-9300 yuan / ton sent to the province, to discuss or 8950-9150 yuan / ton to the nearby province. The price of polyester staples in Fujian rose, and the mainstream report of 1.4D direct spinning polyester and polyester staples was reported at 8900-9000 yuan per ton for short delivery. It was negotiated or sent around 8800-8950 yuan per ton shortly. Shandong Changyi market pure polyester yarn prices are stable, the original white quality and large yarn 32S reported 14200-15000 short delivery, pure black yarn 32S reported 13000 short delivery, the market demand is sparse. The price of pure polyester yarn in Shengze market was partially increased. Among them, 32S raised 100 to report 13,500 yuan/ton, and 45S offered 14,400 yuan/ton. The overall market sales volume was normal. The recent strong performance of raw materials, coupled with a good mood for downstream replenishment, is expected to be a strong trend in the short term. In the later period, we still need to pay attention to the upstream, downstream, and macro-systematic risks of the industrial chain.

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